Shining the Spotlight on Vancouver’s Vibrant Tech Scene

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There’s a buzz about the technology scene in Vancouver. And there’s no wonder why—Vancouver is home to three of Canada top ‘tech unicorns’ including Slack, Hootsuite and Avigilon. While they’re each valued at more than $1 billion dollars today, they were once tech start-ups, much like those we had the pleasure of meeting at TechBrew last week.

Today, there are over 75,000 technology professionals working in Vancouver. That accounts for 75% of the province’s technology workforce. TechBrew, hosted by BCTech, is the perfect forum to show support for our growing and vibrant technology ecosystem, and connect with the most impressive talent and start-ups in Vancouver. Below, we’re highlighting three growing companies that caught our eye at TechBrew, who are working hard to enhance the world we live in.

3 Companies in Vancouver’s Tech Ecosystem That Are Doing Great Work

Canada Drives: Canada Drives started with a simple mission: to make it easy for Canadians to secure car loans, no matter their financial circumstances. Today, their simple online application has helped hundreds of thousands of Canadians find vehicles for the right price. They do this by connecting customers to a network of over 350 dealership partners who offer competitive financing programs. And their customer reviews speak for themselves. 7 years and 220 employees later, this Vancouver-based tech firm has become Canada’s #1 online car loan expert.

Front Fundr: FrontFundr calls themselves The New Capital Market. That’s because they have done an outstanding job at helping entrepreneurs raise money from a much larger community of investors. They are not just any crowd-sourcing platform. They stringently screen the businesses that they support, and help guide them from pitch to partnership. So whether it’s a seasoned investor looking for their next big deal, or someone who would just like to see a company in its community succeed, FrontFundr offers proven methodology and innovative technology to help get businesses the money they need to grow.

CuePath Innovation: CuePath is on a mission to help seniors and other vulnerable individuals. They’ve developed an impressive medication-tracking technology that helps families and care professionals remotely monitor the medication intake of their loved ones or clients. Using a CuePath sensor and packaging, this simple system reminds patients to take allotted medications. Caregivers can receive alerts if that doesn’t happen, or they can monitor daily intake through an app. What CuePath really does, is give families greater peace of mind.

Keeping an Eye on Vancouver’s Tech Scene

Over the past few years, the technology ecosystem in Vancouver has grown significantly. Our team at BenefitDeck has witness this first-hand, working closely with many technology companies to help them make key decisions about their employee benefits plan. It’s become a vibrant community full of creative, out-of-box thinkers ready to improve the world. So understandably, many people want to stay abreast on what’s happening. Have a look at some of our favourite resources below. Or, feel free to send us some of yours.

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