A Look Ahead: 3 Important HR Trends of Tomorrow

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In the previous article, 4 Current Trends That Every HR Manager Should Know About, a few important findings from a report by the Chartered Professional in Human Resources (CPHR) were highlighted. While present HR trends in Western Canada were covered, it’s equally important to look ahead at what’s coming up.

Knowing how employee relations might evolve or how businesses may be impacted by future HR trends helps owners remain innovative in creating a unique corporate culture. It helps them foster an environment that stands out from the competition and attracts top talent. By anticipating what’s coming next, businesses can also make better decisions and align strategies to keep employees happy and retention high. While these trends might still be years away, here are three important upcoming shifts worth consideration.

3 Future HR Trends to Watch Out For

1. The Rise in Employee Disengagement

Keeping employees engaged at work is an ongoing battle. In 5 years from now, the level of employee disengagement could become overwhelming for business managers and owners. That’s because employees will likely be inundated with distractions from outside the office, and thus become increasingly disconnected from daily tasks and their job.

Considering this, it’s wise for HR staff tostart thinking about implementing wellness programs or adding employee assistance programs to their list of benefits. When employees have the tools and strategies to deal with the stresses and distractions of everyday life, they are better able to maintain a healthy work-life balance and stay motivated inside the office.

2. Employee-Driven Wellness and Empowerment

There’s no denying that health benefits and other perks help keep employees happy and healthy. However, employees will eventually take more ownership for their happiness and wellbeing. A quick browse through social media shows us that self-owned transformations are happening already. By learning techniques from wellness programs and adding touches of their own, employees will become advocates for their wellbeing and broadcast it on social platform to inspire others.

For business owners and managers, there’s an opportunity to empower these employees. This can be done by offering employees more flexible benefits plans that are best suited to each individual. Organizations can also provide a variety of a-la-carte wellness options, so employees can truly customize their path to health and happiness. Opening an organization’s social media channels to promote employees’ success stories not only show support for internal health advocates, but also spreads the message that employee wellbeing is a key company philosophy.

3. The Importance of Employee Breaks

We all know the importance of a break sometimes. Whether it’s a trip to the coffee machine or a chat with a colleague about our weekend plans, these little breaks help alleviate daily stress. While discussions around work-life balance continue, it will become increasingly important for employees to take scheduled time-outs during the workday.

In fact, one company in Japan recently agreed to give non-smokers six additional paid days of vacation per year to compensate for the frequent breaks that smokers take over the course of a year. That’s because employees thought it was unfair that smokers spend 15 minutes away from their desk for each cigarette break

This type of policy may not work for every organization. However, it does show how important it will become for owners and managers to begin encouraging employees to break away from work-work-work mode and find moments of serenity or solitude.

Planning for Changes Today and Tomorrow

The more employers know, the better they can become at implementing strategies that move their business forward. With this knowledge, owners also can better anticipate the needs of their employees and truly build a culture that attracts and retains the best talent on the market.

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