Webinar: Health Care Benefit Programs Exclusively for Digital Alberta Members

Register for our upcoming Live Health & Wellness show on July 25, 11am (30 minutes) here:

5 ways to motivate your employees to wellness.

This video summary (12 minutes) captures the highlights of the 1-hour webinar held on Feb 22, 2013


Digital Alberta members: Why you need a Benefit Program.

This is the 10-minute summary of the webinar that took place in March 2013. For the full hour archive, click here: http://new.livestream.com/WarRoomInc/WhyYouNeedABenefitProgram

Digital Alberta - BenefitDeck Webinar Presentation from BenefitDeck Consulting Ltd.

More info: http://www.digitalalberta.com/benefitdeck-health-care-benefit-programs-exclusively-digital-alberta-members

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