The Smarter Way to Manage All Your HR Tasks

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The old way of managing human resources tasks eats up valuable time. Too often, managers or business owners spent hours shuffling around paper forms, updating spreadsheets and juggling many applications to handle everything from onboarding employees and issuing benefits to managing payroll and monitoring vacation or sick leave.

This is why in recent times, technology such as a human resource information system (HRIS) has become popular. An HRIS helps to streamline these processes, saving key personnel significant amounts of time and stress. Yet one thing these existing HRIS systems fail to do is combine payroll or employee benefits functions, requiring managers to still use various applications to handle tasks.

At BenefitDeck, we’ve recently partnered with an HRIS provider that offers an intuitive all-in-one HR platform. Beyond all the HR tasks that you would find in a traditional HRIS system, this solution also gives you access to a full, built-in payroll system and all employee benefits information. Here are three reasons why we believe this unified HR solution is a great option for our clients.

Unified HR and payroll platform

Forget jumping between separate payroll and HRIS systems. With this unified and comprehensive HR solution, all payroll functions are a click away. That means owners and managers can easily pay staff, remit taxes, and handle all those other payroll functions; and then within the same application, issue performance reports, track vacation days, manage benefits and so much more. Everything you need is available within one centralized system, so you never have to go digging for HR or payroll information again. With all HR tasks accessible from one solution, you can eliminate the tedious paper trails and manual processes and free up your team to handle other important jobs.

Automation that keeps you on track

This leading-edge HRIS helps you keep track of deadlines, whether submitting forms or enrolling a new employee on a benefits plan. From this unified HR solution, you can easily pull reports, view statuses of tasks in progress, and ensure that you are doing everything you need to remain compliant. The system can also help your team track work anniversary dates and birthdays, alerting them when milestones worth celebrating come up.

Supporting an employee-centric culture

By assigning built-in roles and permissions, even employees can use the HRIS system. From the unified interface, they can then easily request time off, check pay stubs, review performance reports, and even submit benefits claims. User privileges ensure that they can only view the data that they need. This all-in-one HRIS streamlines and simplifies the employee experience, offering easy access to information and perks, while supporting a culture that values its employees.

Moving into the digital era with HRIS

If you’re looking for ways to boost your internal productivity, automate some HR tasks and keep your employees happy, this all-in-one HRIS system might be right for you. The system is available for both new and existing BenefitDeck client, so feel free to reach out to our team to learn more.

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