The Sanofi Canada Healthcare Survey


  • Plan members appear unclear about how benefi ts are funded: 50% believe the employer pays a premium and the insurer covers all costs, and 41% are unsure.
  • Fifty-one percent of plan members expect their benefi ts to continue after retirement— pointing to an opportunity for retirement planning as a retention tool.
  • Plan members rate the quality of their plans highly and are more willing than expected to help their employers with cost-sharing measures in order to protect their benefits.
  • When asked about prescriptions, plan members are most willing to shop around between pharmacies for lower costs in order to help their employer maintain their current coverage.
  • ninety-two percent of plan members would likely participate in on-site health risk screenings for conditions such as diabetes.
  • ninety-one percent of plan members would be willing to participate in a disease management education program as a means to ensure coverage for higher-cost drugs.
  • When asked about education for diseases, 69% of plan members agree it should be a priority for their employers.
  • Barely half (52%) of plan members feel their employers are very supportive in helping to manage workloads.
  • a strong majority of plan members and plan sponsors agree that workplace health promotion programs will in the long run help reduce the strain on Canada’s public health system.
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