Oxygenating Your Company’s Benefits Plans through DigiBC

Oxygenating Your Company’s Benefits Plans through DigiBC

Last week, I had the pleasure of attending the DigiBC holiday event (#DigiHoliday14), which was hosted at the Hootsuite headquarters in Vancouver. To support our dedication to the wellbeing of our DigiBC members, we sponsored the oxygen bar. It’s a fun and informal way to engage with our existing clients, and greet many new faces as well. Some familiar friends/colleagues stopped by from Aequilibrium, RocketChicken Interactive, and Vanadge Capital, who we regularly consult with about their benefits plans. While these customers know the services we offer and understand the benefits of our DigiBC benefits plan, many new contacts want to know:


What is the DigiBC benefits plan?

BenefitDeck has been hand-picked and entrusted to deliver a group benefits plan that is offered exclusively to DigiBC members. The nature of the DigiBC organization is to bring like-minded companies in the digital and media industries together while offering resources and networking opportunities to those companies. Because of this, Howard Donaldson, President at DigiBC, has done his due-diligence in choosing BenefitDeck as their group plan provider. And here’s what he had to say about it:

“We are pleased to have Donald Chu and his team at BenefitDeck handle DigiBC's member health benefit plan. BenefitDeck has created a plan for our members that allows us to raise our voice in the industry. Our members are very pleased with BenefitDeck's level of professionalism and support and we look forward to working with them for years to come."


Why is the DigiBC plan right for our company?

The DigiBC benefits plan offers all DigiBC members the ability to benefit from pooled-group discounts. In fact, based on past cases, we can save customers anywhere between 15-20% on their benefits plans. BenefitDeck has worked directly with the insurance provider to negotiate rates on the DigiBC group plan, based on the demographics and basic make-up of the digital media and tech companies that are part of the DigiBC organization. Being part of a bigger, industry-wide group plan also ensures less price fluctuations upon renewal. For example, if one year, your company has a high-claim rate, the other companies with less-than-average claims should balance things out.

While we have developed industry benchmark plans to accommodate your tech businesses, we do offer customized plans to suit various stages of growth, budgets and needs. We work with you, and present options which will best reflect your objectives and your business.


What if we already have a plan, and what if we don’t?

Whether you have an existing benefits plan or you are interested in setting one up, it doesn’t matter. We have had clients in the past that have come to us looking to see how their existing plan compared, and were surprised to find out that our DigiBC plan would offer significant savings. Others who did not yet have a plan in place have asked us to compare the DigiBC plan with other individual plans on the market, only to see that the DigiBC plan was really their best option, in terms of its offering and cost.

To summarize, BenefitDeck is committed to the DigiBC community. Whether you choose to inquire about or partake in our DigiBC benefits plan or not, we are happy to support the DigiBC organization which backs and encourages the technology-oriented visionaries of tomorrow. Thanks to those who stopped by the oxygen bar and we look forward to seeing all of you at the next DigiBC event!


For additional information on the DigiBC benefit plan program, visit: http://www.benefitdeck.com/DigiBC.html

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