How The Right Benefits Can Reflect Your Company Culture

What is Company Culture?

Company culture is not simply a modern-day buzzword but something that is at the very heart of successful and growing businesses today. It is the beliefs and behaviors that help shape the environment of your company. Think of culture as the personality of your company. As more companies hone in on their own unique internal culture, people are beginning to take note and are more likely to stick around when they feel that a company’s ethos is strong and authentic. Company culture isn’t just made up of free lunches and events (although that is a great place to start), it’s made up of intangible things—a shared mission and vision, values, relationships, and compassion.

Why is it important?

Having a clear company culture is important to acquiring and retaining talent. When a company has a strong culture it attracts people with the same values and mission, creating a deeper sense of belonging and connection. When people are happy, healthy, and enjoying their time in the workplace it keeps people excited to come into the office and do their best work while helping the business thrive.

How do health benefits fit in?

Studies indicate that employee benefits are a key component of job satisfaction and engagement. Employees that are healthy and feel valued can contribute to the social and psychological environment of your business in a positive way. Great company culture doesn’t just happen on its own and improving your employee wellness can be great for office productivity and creating a more positive work culture.  

How does a company culture fit in with your benefits plan?

Just as embracing transparency and fostering a collaborative environment are integral parts of building and maintaining company culture, so can benefits that align and further these values. Here are some of these ways:

  • Flexible benefit plans or HSA’s can be enticing for a younger generation of employees who may consider less traditional options for health and wellness such as Parental Assistance or Mental Health Coverage. By considering a benefit plan that features some degree of choice in the offered coverage, employees have the opportunity to decide what’s important to them.
  • Providing resources and taking the time to help employees understand the full range of their health benefits, and how to use them most effectively, is extremely important for employees to get the most out of their benefits. It also shows that the company has their employees wellbeing in mind.
  • The right benefits plan also can strive to meet the needs of your talent by keeping up with new approaches to continually evolve employee benefits offerings. There are great ways you can make changes to your health and wellness plan to introduce new approaches to employee benefits that can help impact and increase employee satisfaction and wellness.

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