Disclosing the Value of Our Benefits Consulting Service

An employee benefits plan is part of a bigger company strategy. It acts as another form of compensation for the people that help companies grow. The benefits plan also helps clients to attract top talent, stand out among competitors and position the company as a wellness advocate.

Most clients understand why employee benefits are highly important to their business, but what’s sometimes harder to appreciate is the intangible value of a team-based, client-centric approach. When working with new clients especially, owners and managers often want to know about how our compensation structure works, and what we bring to the table. To offer our clients full transparency, below you’ll learn how BenefitDeck works from the inside out, and gain insight into why many clients find long-term value in the services that we offer.

1. The Value of Our Team

We’re not a one-person show. We’re a full-service consulting firm with five professional experts who are committed to helping our clients with everything concerning employee benefits. We are accessible any time our clients need our help, and consult or refer other trusted experts if answers extend beyond our specialty.

Our team stops at nothing to help our clients, creating systems and processes to ensure the customer experience is always easy and efficient. In fact, we re-invest a significant portion of our revenues into our business to not only cover overhead but to provide resources to our team and clients. This allows us to deliver the most innovative and highly-personalized experience, and to surpass client expectations at every turn.

2. The Value of Our Payment Structure

When our clients need help, our time is theirs, no catch. Many other consulting firms charge their clients by billable hours at extremely high rates. So, when common problems such as claim disputes or even regular tasks such as renewals come up, clients could end up paying a lot more in fees than originally anticipated. For instance, the average client requires about 40 hours in service per year, including plan implementation. With other service provider charging an average hourly rate of $350/hour, it can be up to three or four times more a commission-based consultancy service after you add up all the hours that our team commits to your plan.

Our team is dedicated to its clients, without additional fees. From first-time discussions through to plan implementation and renewals, and every moment, question, or call in between, we are here to help you. We handle any disputes on your behalf, answer your questions, and consult on any issues concerning employees or plan details, quickly and efficiently.

3. The Value of Our Loyalty

We work for our clients, not the insurance company. We have access to multiple insurance providers, and remain completely impartial in our recommendations. Our aim is to find each unique client the best employee benefits plan that helps them achieve corporate and recruitment objectives.

We act in our client’s best interest, always, sourcing the insurance providers that offer the right products for the best price to fit particular needs. If there is ever a dispute or if we feel our client is being treated unfairly, we hold insurers accountable and negotiate on behalf of our clients to ensure they get exactly what was promised.

Making the Best Choice for Your Business

At BenefitDeck, we understand that our clients have choices when deciding which company or person will manage their benefits plans. That’s why we go out of our way to make sure our clients receive exceptional levels of service, from start to always. This means re-investing in technologies and people that help us uphold these very high standards. It also means creating long-term partnerships with our clients which are based on trust, transparency and integrity. For more information, please call us at 1-877-318-1812 or contact us online.

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