Benefit Plan Consulting for Businesses

Plan Customization

Our expert team helps you design an employee plan that is sustainable and cost efficient

Industry Benchmarking

We give you access to exclusive industry data so you can compare best practices on benefits.

Renewal Analysis and Projection

We provide tools that allow clients to accurately project their upcoming renewal before it happens.

Market Survey Analysis

Every few years, we reach out to suitable insurers to evaluate the competitiveness of your benefits program.

Employee Benefits Appraisal

Our pricing underwriter shows business owners how to eliminate the insurance company and manage certain elements of their employee plan themselves.

Multi-Employer Trust Arrangement

We provide solid recommendations to plan trustees on pricing, liability and various issues.

HR Toolkit

Our HR resource guide and toolkit includes checklists and forms for standard procedures to act as your small business human resources outsource.

Executive Compensation

We are experienced in helping organizations custom design executive compensation packages consistent with your organization’s goals.

Health and wellness program implementation

Our clients have access to leading health and wellness experts to design and implement a program to improve employee engagement and productivity.

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